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Wibke Albrecht is an artist from the northern part of Germany who lives and works between the seas.

She always has been fascinated by the elegance and vigour horses exert.

It is her aim to express their energy, dynamics and vitality with my paintings.

One of Wibke's essential themes is the focus on a destination and its reachability.

Her choice of vibrant and bright colours is to emphasize a joyful “YES” to life.

The artist loves to connect the precision of classical art with the freedom of modern art.

Each of her paintings is a homage to the unique dynamic and elegance of horses.


If you are interested in more information about pictures and prices, a catalogue can be sent to you via email 


After studying art at the university of Kiel, first of all it thrilled Wibke to create sound impressions. Fascinated she started working in the music industry.

Qualified as a certified master of event engineering, Wibke began to travel the world with bands as their sound engineer. The musicians trusted her tastes and soon she almost exclusively worked abroad, mainly in London and New York. Wibke's roots lie in fine arts and outside being on tour the artist created record covers, poster for night clubs and events.

In 2011 Wibke Albrecht mixed the sound for the biggest music show in the world, The Eurovision Song Contest. A goal had been reached, but a chapter closed at the same time.

She moved to the countryside and started painting her pictures in the middle of nature.
Wibke's life has been a gallop of strength and passion. Colourful and full of dynamics, the paintings reflect her nature and intention

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